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Managing ‘holiday blues’ during busy time of year

  • Posted on Feb 22, 2017

WASHINGTON — The lights are lit, the trees are trimmed, the sounds and smells of Christmas are in the air — then why are your spirits and energy so low?

You may be suffering from the “holiday blues.”

While it’s not a clinical term, psychologist Dr. Kimberly Brooks, of Dr. Kimberly Brooks and Associates, says it is a real struggle people experience.

In addition to feelings of being overwhelmed or depressed, another sign of the holiday blues could be procrastination.

“I think people procrastinate often because they have an expectation of things being perfect,” says Brooks.

She says lowering that expectation and understanding that there’s no such thing as perfection can be helpful with  stress this time of year.

Schedules can fill up very quickly, but Brooks says it’s important to make sure to pencil in some time for yourself.

“Really put it on your schedule so that when someone asks if you can attend a party, and when you look on your schedule — you can legitimately say, ‘actually, I have something planned for that time period, so I can’t commit to that.’”

Additionally, making and sticking to a budget can help you avoid going overboard financially, another source of holiday stress.

WTOP’s Stephanie Gaines-Bryant’s interview with Brooks below for more information.

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